‘Vaccine’ against COVID-19 is sold in Rio de Janeiro


In addition to following the covid-19 prevention recommendations during the pandemic, you need to be aware of the various types of scams involving the disease, and they are not restricted to the internet. It started to circulate on social networks that street vendors in Madureira, a neighborhood in the North Zone of the capital of Rio de Janeiro, are offering “vaccines” for R $ 50, which can be applied on the spot for an additional R $ 10.

It is not yet known what is the content of the packaging that seeks to imitate that of CoronaVac, a substance developed by the Butantan Institute in partnership with the Sinovac laboratory.

However, authorities warn that it is definitely not the immunizer; therefore, side effects of whatever is included in the fake product are also unknown.

Public health risk

It is worth remembering that this will probably not be the only case related to the illegal commercialization of promises of protection against the new coronavirus with no scientific basis, because, even if everything happens as expected, there will be restrictions on the application of vaccines at first specific audiences. In turn, when authorized, the process will take place only in health institutions and specialized clinics.

So, here’s the warning: if you are offered a vaccine on the street, refuse the offer, however tempting it may be, and, if possible, contact authorities in your region.

Although the news is seen as a joke by most Internet users, it is a risk to public health. Be sure to share the information with your network of contacts and prevent others from facing more problems than those already generated by the microorganism that stopped the world in 2020.

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