V will have his own music academy as a birthday present


BTS’s V will have his own music academy, ARMY organized an educational project to give him a gift on his birthday, and made a donation to create a classroom.

The idol of BigHit will be celebrating at the end of the month, there are only 10 days left until his fans celebrate his special day, since his birthday will take place on December 30 and the fans have already prepared with a project to reward the success and talent of Taehyung, who will be an inspiration to young people who love music.

Through social networks, a Chinese fanbase shared the birthday project they organized in honor of V for his 25th birthday (26 in Korean age). The idol has had great success internationally thanks to BTS and what better way to celebrate than with his own music school.

The fans from China made a donation to equip a room with instruments, they assured that they want to provide help to those children who need to hone their skills and do not have the necessary resources, they also revealed the classroom plaque on behalf of V, who has managed to excel as a singer, songwriter and musician.


Inspired by V’s personality and as a birthday present, ARMY opened the classroom in the Guangxi Zhuang, Autonomous region of China. This is the third largest market for K-pop, although there are currently no promotional activities in the country due to political tensions that exist.

The plaque that was placed on the outskirts of the room gives way to the “TaeTae Room”, in the photos you can see drums, desks and children learning music with a teacher. They also donated food to a stray dog ​​shelter, all in the name of Bangtan’s idol, in order to show that the boys inspire their fans to take action for a great cause.

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