V was praised for creating the song “Blue & Gray”


V received hundreds of congratulations for releasing the track “Blue & Gray” on BTS’s new album.

The kings of K-Pop, BTS, made their long-awaited comeback on November 20, as we reported on Somagnews. Unless you live under a rock, no one can miss the buzz around BTS’s long-awaited album ‘BE’.

The comeback is extraordinary in many ways, as the BTS members themselves have personally shaped this album with a hands-on approach, from a visual direction, from concept curation to production.

The members went through stiff competition to include their proposed songs on the album, but “Blue & Gray” made a special direct entry on the album, which was selected from the long-awaited V mixtape.

The song became the most critically acclaimed song on the album. It made V the only member to have two production credits and songwriting and lyricism (Skit, Blue & gray), making it her fourteenth song credited by Komca.

Blue & Gray is called “the most devastating but sexy ballad” on the album! The media and critics highly praised the song. We also compare it to Taylor Swift’s “Folklore”!

As soon as the title track’s MV came out, V’s real name Kim Taehyung was trending in various countries along with Blue & Gray trending worldwide on Twitter with two keywords.

The song also became the first and fastest track on BE’s B Side to reach 1 million and 2 million views (in less than 9 hours) and remains the most viewed and most liked song among all tracks on BE on YouTube.

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It also ranked 12th in the UK and 20th in the US and WW on YouTube and is still trending after a day since its launch.

Experts congratulated Taehyung on his theme song

Various verified accounts and celebrities expressed their love for V’s co-produced track Blue & Gray, claiming it “made them a mess.” Dispatch also changed his profile picture to V’s photo on his official Instagram, as well as on K-media.

The album deals with the changes, nostalgia, longing and various emotions that the pandemic induced in the masses. It is identifiable to many and it turned out to be an important milestone in the lives of the BTS members due to their personal involvement.

For V in particular, being credited as a “visual creative” under his real name Kim Taehyung for the entire album, along with the songwriter, lyricist and producer, became a platform to showcase his immense talent and also the faith of the members in their ability to lead the visualization of the concept, as it lays the foundation for the structure.


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