This is why V wakes up at night


BTS members visit the Weverse platform frequently, in this space they can freely interact with their fans, giving them advice, recommending music, and even sharing some of their experiences, which is why Taehyung recently talked about what he does when he can’t sleep .

Fans frequently post their thoughts about their favorite K-pop group or what’s going on in their daily lives, but when an ARMY was facing a sleepless night, they walked onto the platform and noticed that V was active on the site at the same time. .

For this reason, she expressed her curiosity to know if he had also been awake all this time or if he had just woken up, explaining that it was comforting to know that they both stayed in front of the phone at that time.

Taehyung saw this post and without hesitation gave him an answer, commenting that each person has a different time to sleep, so in his case, he had woken up to ask for some food. What the idol chose for his menu was jajangmyeon, a dish he enjoyed while most of the people in the area slept.


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