V unleashes his creativity improvising a song (VIDEO)


BTS singer joins Stay Home Challenge again while humming a song in English.

The idol shared a video through the account BTS on Twitter , where together with singer Nive , plays a quiet and beautiful melody that lit up the day ARMY . This clip showed us a bit of V’s creative process for working on new songs so his fans’ excitement over BTS’s upcoming album has sparked again.

During this season, Taehyung has made sure to keep in touch with his followers, responding to their comments on Weverse and sharing some videos of their activities. It hasn’t been long since the idol motivated his fans to stay home with a video of him dancing in front of the television , but V continues to give ARMY ideas to stay entertained.


Returning to the Stay Home Challenge , Taehyung posted a video where NIve starts playing the guitar and V follows him by joining his voice with the melody. The idol accompanied this clip with the description ‘Try to make a song by humming’, further adding that he included English lyrics that although made no sense served as a basis for the melody he would write later.

Recently V said he was ready to surprise ARMY with new music , as everyone in the group continues to prepare for their next record material, so this video could be featuring a bit of the work Tae is doing for that album.

Although in the same way it could also be melodies that he will record alone, for the moment the only thing that is certain is that the idol has given his followers a dose of encouragement to continue staying safe at home.


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