This is what V thinks of his Mexican fans


This is what V thinks of his Mexican fans. The idol fondly remembered the last time he stepped on Mariachi land.

During the special interview that Mnet conducted about the BTS guys they talked about their most sincere feelings of their presentations that have marked them.

BTS’s career is a reflection of the joint effort between idols and their fans, so much so that now they are one of the most internationally recognized groups, the path that the boys have traveled has been very arduous.

The KCON is a meeting of fans that specializes in the diffusion of the ‘Ola Hallyu’ in different parts of the world, various groups and K-Pop singers attend to delight their followers, they have been held in cities like Los Angeles, New York , Paris, among others.

In Mexico , the first time this convention were held on 17 and 18 March of the year 2017 and was held at the Arena Mexico City , the boys of BTS attended as guests on the first day.

During this interview with Mnet, V spoke about this experience of KCON Mexico in which he expressed his love for the country:

“During the presentation of the KCON in Mexico , we were really excited, since then we have not been able to be in Mexico , so we made a great effort to give a better show to our fans”

Although the boys of BTS have not been able to step on Aztec soil, fans remember this presentation with much love, because they left the soul on stage, at that time they were promoting the album ‘ Wings: You Never Walk Alone’

With songs Not Today, Spring Day, Blood Sweat Tears captivated the eyes and ears of fans, who hope they will soon come to Mexico .

Check out the video at minute 2:45

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