V tests ARMY’s creativity


V tests ARMY’s creativity. The idol gave them a challenge through Weverse.

BTS has always surprised ARMY with great concepts and outfits for its presentations, comebacks and concerts.

For “ON” the boys used several changes of clothes , a couple of them were similar attires to those used in medieval times. The versatility of her looks is so great that V launched a challenge for the fandom.


Through the Weverse platform , Taehyung shared a photo where you saw a sack and a kind of gray overalls, the idol accompanied his post with the message: “Show your creativity. Make this a concert outfit and change the background. Just for ARMY boring ”

The response in social networks was immediate and ARMY began to share their own designs. Some changed only the background, others turned it into an angel, decorated its sack, and even one transformed it into a work of art.

But his creativity not only transformed his outfit, they also disguised him as “Woody”, a superhero, drama character, and more.

Have you already made your edit? Without a doubt, Taehyung would look perfect with any look.




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