V tells Jungkook of all his troubles in IN THE SOOP


Jungkook and V are not only groupmates in BTS, they are also great friends and Taehyung did not hesitate to tell Golden Maknae how he feels, the problems he has and his deepest thoughts. Both idols opened their hearts on the series ‘IN THE SOOP’.

The show ‘IN THE SOOP’ has allowed ARMY to see another perspective on the lives of Jin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Suga, and RM, away from the bustle of the city and demanding hours as idols. The boys of BTS relax doing activities that put them in contact with nature.

When you have a problem, it is very common for you to go to your best friend to give you some advice or simply have him listen to you. In ‘IN THE SOOP’, V approached Jungkook to express his concerns about life.


In the most recent episode of the Bangtan Boys series, Jungkook and V had a very special moment, where the ‘Stigma’ interpreter confessed all his worries and problems to his colleague, both idols were in front of a campfire and the starlight Taehyung said:

I can’t see ARMY around so I’m not sure if I’m being liked, sometimes I think it’s simple, but that keeps on being on my mind

Tae told Golden Maknae that he tends to interact a lot with his fans through Weverse just to make sure they still love him, and revealed that he loves the feeling of talking to ARMY or when he makes funny posts and users of the app react.

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V really shared his feelings and one of the most shocking phrases was:

When I’m lying in my bed I feel like it’s really all this is temporary

Jungkook asked his friend if he felt empty and the boy from Daegu in Geochang, South Korea replied that yes, he is very excited to have a concert again because he wants to feel loved again.

The interpreter of ‘Still With You’ advised his friend that talking helps to get all that out, he explained that this time of social isolation is full of opportunities that are waiting for him, they are moments that will help him to be better before turning back to present on stage. Jungkook ended by saying:

I try not to think of this period in vain, you should try to do the same. If you want to be loved and give love, you can show new sides of yourself, that’s pretty good

Today, the Bangtan Boys were as special guests at the 45th General Assembly of the United Nations where they gave an emotional speech about life and the new social dynamics.


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