V teaches ARMY how to express his emotions


Unfortunately the BTS member knows what it feels like to be hurt by a close person.

Vhas shown that he likes to make friends and due to his unique personality he always has someone to live with and have good times, but this was not always the case, since the idol had some bad experiences with people he considered close.

They all have stages in which they feel lonely and confused a fan in Weverse wanted to comment to V about their situation and receive some kind of advice , in the publication it said: Oppa I am exhausted from human relations at the moment, I have some ‘ friends ‘ I don’t like them but I don’t want to hurt them.


ARMY concluded by saying that he wanted to know the correct way to express his feelings since it seems too difficult and made him want to cry, he asked the BTS member for help to solve his problem .

V replied with some emojis that apparently the fans had to decipher, Taehyung’s tip was: the first thing is to analyze the situation, then say everything you feel without leaving anything and finally let go of everything that hurt you.


With this Tae gave a great lesson to all those who are in a difficult emotional situation , since he understands it very well.

Once the BTS singer shared with his fans that a very good friend had not invited him to his birthday party so he decided to buy him a nice gift and leave it to his house and take advantage of that moment to clear things up.



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