V takes over ARMY’s heart with photos of “VCut”


Taehyung, also known as BTS’s V, became a social media favorite for his attractive photos.

The selling power of V from the BTS band is well known in the K-pop community, nicknamed “Midas Touch V” and “Sold Out Fairy”, there are multiple examples of everything with the V print becoming a top seller.

This time, despite never having had an official solo magazine release, with the special issue of the Wall Street Journal, V becomes the first BTS member to sell 10,000 copies of his solo cover.

On November 16 morning, Taehyung also shared his VCut from the photoshoot, surprising everyone with how irresistible he looked and trending all over the world.

There’s no question that fans are ready for V to take over the fashion world with her charisma and good looks, someone who deserves to be on every magazine cover.

Is V one of the best visuals in K-Pop?

If you are a loyal BTS ARMY, surely on more than one occasion you have thought that V could be one of the best visuals (besides Jin) not only of the group, but of Korean Pop.

And it is that the idol manages to conquer millions around the world not only because of his musical talent, but also with his image. We cannot go unnoticed that TaeTae is one of the most attractive faces in K-Pop.

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For the new BangTan Boys album, we are sure to see V with a look that will steal glances and praise from most fans.


As we have already revealed to you in Somagnews, we are just days away from the Big Hit Entertainment group’s new release, and fans are already creating theories about what we will possibly hear on “BE” on November 20.


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