V surprises his friend Lee Dam with an adorable gift


Taehyung managed to make a beautiful friendship with Lee Dam, the model boy with whom he performed the song ‘Inner Child’ on the online show ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E’, the BTS member gave him a very special gift the little one.

‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E’ was a success, the concert had two dates and the Bangtan Boys broke sales and attendance records, becoming one of the most watched events so far in 2020.

One of the most iconic performances of the BTS concert was when V performed on stage the song ‘Inner Child’, an emotional track that captivated the heart of ARMY, the performance had a special guest and the child model Lee Dam played the role of Taehyung when he was little, giving the show a nostalgic and cuddly touch.

It seems that V adores children, whenever he is with them he shows his more fatherly and fun side, as he does not miss the opportunity to play, run, jump and have fun like a whole child.


Lee Dam and V managed to create a great chemistry and after ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E’, the boy’s parents published some photos with the BTS member and his son, they commented that it had been a great experience to work with him again .

The idol of the company Big Hit Entertainment decided to surprise his new friend and sent him a big beige bear, the teddy wears a nice blue sweatshirt with the word ‘Love’ and has an adorable face.

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Lee Dam shared a set of 3 images posing next to the gift that Kim Taehyung gave his, the model was in pajamas when he took the photoshoot to share with his fans the new toy that will decorate his room.

In the description of the post you can read:

I loved receiving a gift in the morning, thank you for the gift

Lee Dam named his teddy bear TaeTae, in honor of the “Winter Bear” performer. The publication of the child model already has more than 200 thousand likes and fans are leaving love messages in the comment box. Owww!

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