V surprises ARMY for 30 seconds


V surprises ARMY for 30 seconds. The idol’s name became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter.

Taking advantage of the quarantine, the idols have used part of their time to communicate with their fans, who are surely somewhat bored by not having the same amount of updates on their favorite groups as they usually do.

So, recently Taehyung contacted one of his followers who let him know through Weverse that he missed seeing him , so he asked this idol to please share a selfie of his to give his heart some comfort.


The idol amicably replied ‘wait’, then post a photo with the description ’30 seconds’. As the idol put it, the image was only available for 30 seconds, during which time, BTS supporters were able to admire a shot taken in an angle shot where the idol shows from her hair to her collarbones.

The most fun is that it is a moving image, where its features cannot be clearly appreciated. Still, that short time was enough for ARMYs from around the world to turn their attention to V’s activity on Weverse.


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