V stole ARMY’s look in Season’s Greetings video


V drinking a Yakult “backwards” during the Season’s Greetings 2021 promo video is all BTS fans needed.

After the release of the special Seasons Greeting 2021 package, Kim Taehyung, popularly known as V from the K-Pop band BTS, captured the attention of many fans around the world.

In several scenes in the video, the star was seen drinking the Japanese drink Yakult, which is also well known in South Korea. In the video, fans had too much fun with Taehyung’s unique way of drinking it “backwards.”

Thanks to Taehyung’s promotion, Yakult went viral on many international social media and was trending around the world a few days ago when the promotional video was released.

Furthermore, the fans (BTS ARMY) also couldn’t help but sigh upon seeing the irresistible outfit that the South Korean idol was wearing. Without a doubt, V’s looks for this comeback are becoming more and more impressive.

V becomes one of BTS’s favorites

TaeTae constantly becomes a trend every time the group’s official social networks share a photo or video clip of the artist. The BangTan Boy no longer just drives fans crazy with his voice and musical talent, he has become one of K-Pop’s favorite faces.

The beauty of V has managed to steal the looks and hearts of thousands of ARMY. Now with the group’s new release in a few days, Taehyung will surely impress his loyal fans.


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