V shows ARMY his exercise routine (VIDEO)


V shows ARMY his exercise routine (VIDEO). BTS member shared a video clip showing his activities from the gym.

Taehyung shared a video in fast motion where he showed part of his exercise routine , but the description he added when he posted it made it a fun moment for his followers who saw his effort.

The boys from BTS like to exercise when they have free time, either inside the hotels they visit as part of their tours or from home, that is why, during this quarantine, some of them have used the free time they have to exercise their muscles and balance the relaxed life they lead these days.

This is what V told us , who shared on Twitter a video clip in fast motion where we see part of his routine , the idol begins standing and resting his chest on a padded bar while lifting a pair of small dumbbells , he takes them simultaneously to the sides and repeat the process.


After resting a bit, resume activity, this time with a different pair of dumbbells, which has a greater weight than the previous one. After doing some repetitions of this exercise, start with a different one, where, standing fully upright and in a straight posture, raise the dumbbells to your sides again.

ARMY was surely surprised to see how V exercised, but the idol added a description to his post that gave a tender touch to this moment. ‘ARMY, look at me. I’m flying . ‘ This is how Tae completed this publication where in less than a minute he shows us a little of what he has been doing during these days.

Are you exercising at home this season? We also recently told you about Jungkook’s secret to keeping his abdomen perfect , wow! Remember that if you are going to practice an activity like these, it is best to do a good stretch to avoid injuries.

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