V shares Yeontan’s thoughts


Although V sports an impressive image and a great stage presence while on stage, fans know that he also has a tender and extremely charming side, this idol showed it again by making his little puppy’s thoughts known in a very original way .

Taehyung returned to Weverse to meet his followers for a moment, but Yeontan also had a funny appearance that managed to get a smile out of ARMY.


V shared a photographic sequence of his tender pet, who changed his expression while moving observing him from afar, so, accompanying these images, V described in each one of them what might be Yeontan’s thoughts corresponding to the moment captured.

In this way, Taehyung wrote some dialogues simulating that it was Yeontan who was speaking, carefully approaching and suddenly bringing out why he was looking for his owner. Look at the pictures below:


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