V Rising: how to create an alchemy room


Players who want to improve their potion making skills in V Rising may want to create an alchemy room by finding and building a suitable floor. V Rising is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a top view in which survival and item creation are a major part of the gameplay. The game begins with players taking on the role of a vampire awakening from a centuries-old dream, who now has to use craft to survive in the harsh world of V Rising.

As players develop their base in V Rising, they will be able to increase productivity by building specialized rooms. The first step in building an alchemical laboratory is to build a room surrounded by castle walls and at least a door jamb. After that, players will need to cover the floor of the Alchemy Lab Flooring room, which, unfortunately, is quite difficult to purchase.

A structure that may prove invaluable for players trying to purchase a floor covering for an alchemy lab is a paper press. However, it can be difficult to get this blueprint in V Rising, as it is one of the random blueprints that can be found in the Research Hall in exchange for 75 scrolls. To obtain the blueprints for the Hall of Exploration, players must defeat Nicholas the Fallen, a level 37 boss who can be tracked using the Altar of Blood in V Rising.

How to unlock the floor of the Alchemy lab in V Rising

To get the floor of the alchemy lab in V Rising, players will need to first build a research table and then combine it with 50 papers to get a random recipe, one of which may be the floor of the alchemy lab. Having an alchemy room will reduce the cost of resources by 25%, as well as significantly increase the production speed. Some of the buildings that will be improved by building an alchemical laboratory are a Blood Press, an Alchemical Table and a Nest of Parasites.

The process of obtaining the floor of an alchemy lab can be very time-consuming, as there is no way to guarantee this, and most likely players will need to purchase a large amount of paper to repeat the process until they succeed. This material can be grown in many places, for example, in a bandit camp in the Farbane Forest, defeating enemies and looting chests. In addition, it can be made on a paper press in V Rising: for each individual sheet of paper, 4 plant fibers and 12 sawdust will be required, which are much easier to find and grow than paper.