V reveals why Justin Bieber inspires him as an artist


The BTS vocalist explained why the Canadian star pushes him to be a highly original creative artist.

A dynamic question and answer, BTS’s Taehyung revealed that Justin Bieber is the international artist who inspires him, he shared the reasons for his admiration.

V caught the attention of international fans for various reasons, he is considered one of the K-pop singers with a pleasant voice that can encompass various musical styles, which showed his versatility.

The boys of BTS were as special guests at a music festival of Tokopedia, an e-commerce company that every year collaborates with idols to perform entertaining performances and dynamics.

One of the games that the boys of BTS put to the test how well they knew their colleagues, V questioned them about their influences and musical tastes, also explained the reason why Justin Bieber inspires them.


During the question and answer game, V asked the rest of the BTS members about which artist is the one that inspires him the most, Jungkook replied that Bang Si Hyuk, Jin commented that RM , Jimin said that BTS , none of them got it right.

In a next round of names, the Golden Maknae mentioned ARMY, explained that the fandom, is the true artist of the band, Taehyung agreed with Jungkook , but the answer was not correct.

Kim Taehyung revealed that he was a western and international musician, Yoongi asked to speak and shared that maybe it would be Kurt Cobain, Jungkook opted for John Legend, and V replied that he was his second role model .

Namjoon mentioned Justin Bieber and V asked him why he had chosen him, the leader of Beyond The Scene replied that his latest song was great, Taehyung gave the victory to RM and stated:

That’s right, the song is ‘Holy’

V clarified that it does not mean that Justin Bieber is his role model, he is an artist that he likes to listen to lately, Jungkook proposed him to sing an excerpt from ‘Holy’, he immediately accepted, giving ARMY a small cover.

ARMY! At the annual ceremony Apan Star Awards, V of BTS obtained new achievements with the OST Sweet Night.


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