This is how V reacts when his fans confess their love


This is how V reacts when his fans confess their love. For his many charms, the BTS idol is well loved and respected by ARMY. Nobody resists the personality and charm of V, this is how you react when people declares his love.

The boys of BTS have been active on social networks living more than ever with ARMY , the different social platforms help them to have contact with their fans around the world, neither distance nor language is an impediment for the group of Big Hit Entertainment to connect with your audience.

Taehyung is an idol very loved by his fans, who at all times show him great love and proof of them is that V constantly receives declarations of love from ARMY , his reactions have been so epic that they only reveal his good sense of humor.

A follower of V on Weverse posted a message for the idol, which said ‘ Taehyung I want to tell you something’ and below it included a photo of Patricio Estrella, character from the cartoon ‘SpongeBob’ with the words ‘I love you’, the joy of singer was captured on camera.

In another post, on Weverse ARMY revealed to him, ‘I really like you , Kim Taehyung’ and V replied, ‘ I really like you jjanjjanjjan’, trying to reference a very famous Korean song called ‘I Really Like You’ by Jewelry .

But Taehyung’s fascination is not limited to single girls, as a fan confessed that she felt more love for him than for her husband and because of this, her partner was jealous of the interpreter of ‘Winter Bear’, V replied with some flirty emojis and added: ‘husband’.

The sympathy of the singer makes many hearts melt due to his multiple talents on and off stage, that’s why Taehyung is a special idol , with his happiness and worldview he has fallen in love with his fandom.

V recently shared with his fans that he finds himself spending quarantine and social isolation learning new things , doing new hobbies, and will soon be giving ARMY new music created by him.


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