V proved he’s the cutest and funniest member of BTS


V is all cute! This BTS member has shown the ARMY his cute personality.

One of the main reasons BTS’s boy band is so successful today is because of the way the whole team comes together and comes together.

All members contribute to the success of each other and at the same time stand as a rock solid pillar during times when things don’t go their way.

Every band or team always needs a member who can tickle the rest of the squad to keep the atmosphere relaxed and upbeat and for BTS, that task is done by the handsome Taehyung AKA V.

V and his funniest side

V is known for his exceptional musical and dance talents and he’s also extremely handsome, and that makes that more than clear to us in photos and videos, which is why the girls adore him. But is it just the looks? Certainly not. He has a great sense of humor and he certainly uses it to good effect to charm people with his cuteness.

So today, we showed everyone some adorable and cute moments where V really proved himself to be the most fun.

As we have informed you in The Truth News, Kim Taehyung is one of the youngest members of the group and it shows in his cheerful personality. (He may not be as outgoing as J-Hope, but he’s a fun-loving, outgoing, and of course a talented artist.)

This K-pop idol is more than just a talented singer and dancer. V can speak several languages and is fluent in Japanese. After spending so much time abroad, all of the BTS members can speak at least a little English. That includes V, who often speaks English words and phrases during interviews and live performances.

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Taehyung even showed off his English skills with his recently released song “Winter Bear.” His talent doesn’t stop there. There are some clips of V showing off his rap skills, alongside members like Jungkook.


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