Taehyung has just turned years old, and the boy has left us with his mouth open for days, this due to his wise advice and the kind of gifts he asked for his birthday, which included his followers eating whatever they wanted and using his day to discuss your problems with someone you trust.

We were there when V did not feel comfortable with the show he gave at the SBS Gayo 2019 festival, sending him messages of support and reminding him that he has an incredible talent, ensuring that he could never do something wrong. Awww!

Definitely Tae, he has won the heart of his followers, he is a boy too cool, he cares about the ARMY, he gives tips for any kind of situation, if a boy is very upset with you, you can tell him that you are dating him to get them away , etc. <3

Now, the idol impressed us with a Vlive, in which he began to talk with all his fans and confessed that he is writing new songs and making new music, but that he usually does it in his spare time so he has not yet concluded ; however, he has promised them that in the future they will be able to hear what he has been working on.

V assured that this new music will be better than what we had already heard.
We cannot wait to know how it will sound and what it is about.


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