V-Moda signed M-200 with noise canceling feature


V-Moda, which has been seen with headphones many times before, has finally introduced the first wireless on-ear headset model with active noise canceling feature. V-Moda, which unveiled its headphones within the scope of CES 2021, draws attention with the addition of the expected ANC feature to its headset, which is called the M-200, which offers a very stylish and powerful sound performance.

V-Moda M-200 with active noise canceling feature

The headset greets us with leather and metal details. As with the previous models of the Roland-affiliated brand, the metal ear lids can be replaced. There are ear lids in different colors and designs. There is also a mobile application to interact with the headset. From here, you can choose one of six sound settings, plus 10 different levels of noise cancellation.

The app also gives you manual control of the EQ, which you can choose from preset options or create your own from scratch. If you want to make these settings on the headset, the headset model, which offers Voice-In feature, temporarily lowers the volume when you close the left earpiece with your hand. In addition, you can disable ANC if you want.

As we have seen in the latest Apple’s first on-ear headset model, the ear pads can be easily removed and cleaned in the M-200 model. The headset, which weighs 320 grams and comes with a special storage bag, can be attached to the bag with the help of a small hook and can be carried easily.

With 50 mm audio drivers, the headset has buttons for off / on and pairing with devices.

Equipped with a USB-C port, the headset can be used for up to 20 hours if active noise canceling is enabled. The headset has a fast charging feature and offers an hour and a half of use with 10 minutes of charging.

The M-200, an improved version of the M-100 model developed for professionals and an added version of the ANC feature, comes with a price tag of $ 500. The wired version of this headset, designed in wireless form, is sold for $ 350.


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