V: Meet Kim Taehyung and the story behind his stage name


Kim Taehyung is known to everyone as BTS’s V, but why did he choose that stage name?

Like many K-pop bands, the BTS members decided to use stage names to replace their full Korean names. For some BTS idols, the origin of their names reveals some details about their personalities, while others are tributes or are inspired by their own past.

One of the most curious stories of all is that of Kim Taehyung, better known as V from BTS. This boy has fallen in love with a large number of people around the world, who have been delighted with his talent, but have you ever wondered where did his stage name come from?

Who is V from BTS?

Kim Taehyung, known artistically as V, was born in Daegu, South Korea, on December 30, 1995 and was the first-born in his family. Being the older brother, at an early age he was sent to live with his grandparents in the country, who raised him and surrounded him with love for 14 years.

Despite not having lived with his parents, the relationship that V maintains with them is very good, in fact he has named his father as his role model, because he hopes to be like him, someone who always listens to his children and them. support them to pursue their dreams.

The idol is ruled by the Capricorn sign and, in Chinese astrology, it belongs to the Boar sign. From an early age, Taehyung showed interest in music, however at that time his interest was focused on learning to play musical instruments.

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Taehyung becomes a member of BTS

As we have mentioned in other articles on Somagnews, V came to BTS by chance. It all started in 2011 when he accompanied one of his friends to an audition for Big Hit Entertainment and, although he would simply go to show his support, he was invited to audition while there.

Surprisingly V became the only person who passed the audition for that site. After that he had to move to Seoul to train in his new company, so he was transferred from Daegu Jeil High School to Korean Arts High School.

After two years of receiving strict artistic training, TaeTae managed to debut in 2013 alongside the other members of BTS. TaeTae’s image was kept hidden until the last moment, so it wasn’t until the debut teaser posters that he could be confirmed as the seventh member of the group.

V’s stage name

Kim Taehyung might have the most mysterious stage name, as he is simply called “V”. According to South Korean media, BTS’s management company Big Hit Entertainment gave Kim three options: Six, Lex, and V.



Kim asked the BTS members and others for their opinion and they felt that V fit their personality. After consulting his trusted friends, Kim finally chose V and decided that it represented “victory.”


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