V makes history with this fun tweet in just a month


The clip of the idol signing autographs just gave him a record of likes on Twitter.

The BTS member has joined other celebrities and public figures such as Barak Obama and Kobe Bryant by becoming one of the people who received the most likes in a tweet during this 2020, this happened after a video of the idol shared on Twitter will exceed 2 million hearts.

This is the video where Taehyung is signing some autographs for his fans, the idol dances while he remains in his seat and constantly turns to the camera and interacts with her as if he were right in front of his fans.


This video includes the song Intentions in the background, a melody recently released as part of Justin Bieber’s latest album. V added in this tweet the description ‘I like this song’, motivating his fans to listen to it too.

The clip was posted on March 21 and, in less than a month, it has already achieved 2 million likes, becoming the fifth tweet that has received the most hearts this year , and V being the ninth person in the world to achieve this goal. figure.

To celebrate this event, ARMYs from around the world have coordinated efforts to congratulate the idol and let Twitter know about the success that V has just achieved. To accompany her messages, fans are using the hashtag #Taehyung2MLikes.

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