V maintains his royal status on China’s Weibo platform


V is the most loved BTS member in China and his popularity is such that he is labeled a king of fashion.

The BTS member known as V is one of those that attract the most attention among Chinese fans, in fact in that country he is labeled as a king of fashion and the visual representative of K-pop.

Kim Tae Hyung, V’s real name, has proven his unsurpassed popularity once again, as he is considered the most beloved member of a K-pop boy group in China.

But things don’t stop there, what is more impressive is that despite the recent tension between Chinese netizens and BTS after RM’s speech, V is still loved and followed on China’s largest social media platform, Weibo.

V is a “king” in China

And like every day, Somagnews has made an analysis of each member of BTS and draws attention that, according to Allkpop, V is coveted by well-known magazines and Chinese verified accounts. Also fascinating is the fact of V’s actual status on Weibo.

Recently, a famous entertainment blogger posted an update on Taehyung on Weibo. The blogger recently has more than 10 million followers and covered V.

A top-notch fashion network has also updated a post with Taehyung placing him on the list of male stars with red hairstyles – a hair color that brings a warm pop of red. The network currently has more than 8.5 million followers.

In addition, V also dominated various online video platforms in China. One of them is on Bilibi, where the singer achieved 1.72 billion views and ranked the highest among BTS members.

Another is on Douyin, where Taehyung surpassed 2.1 billion views, which is also the highest among BTS members.

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BTS V and fashion

V doesn’t just inspire fans with her energetic voice and movements. In fact, the King of Fashion also continues to motivate people with his fashion sense. Another impressive fact is that everything V wears sells out in just minutes.

Many fashion and beauty magazines in China post Kim Tae Hyung’s unique style on their official Weibo accounts.

Fashion magazines include Ray Li Magazine, China’s Top 10 Most Influential Beauty and Fashion Magazines, Phoenix Network FASHION, and MAGIA Magazine.

Additionally, glamorous magazines, including ELLE MEN Youth, Vogue China, Marie Claire China, and various other magazines, have recognized the style of the majestic Taehyung.


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