V and Jimin reveal what they feel for each other in ‘Friends’


V and Jimin reveal what they feel for each other in ‘Friends’. ARMY is in love with the love they share.

BTS always has ways to express beautiful feelings such as self-esteem, self-improvement and values ​​such as friendship.

In MOTS7 there are a series of very emotional songs, but without a doubt the one that reached the heart of ARMY was “Friends”, the collaboration between V and Jimin.

Although the boys are one of the favorite jokes of the fans, they both share a beautiful friendship , they are the example that there are people who, although they are not your family, coincide with them, share the same interests and who understand you like no other .


“Friends” talks about the relationship of trust, promises, memories and soulmates, Taehyung and Jimin share a very special bond, they even admit in their song that sometimes they can become “enemies”, because friendship also goes through difficult times but They will always be together.

ARMY has shared their thoughts and emotions about VMin and “Friends”, and although it is not an official subunit, they are happy that they have been able to find a way to continue sharing their dreams and express what they mean to each other.

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