V is the mind behind BE’s individual teasers


The K-pop singer from the city of Daegu showed his creativity by coming up with a very original idea for the individual teasers of his comeback with ‘BE’, the idol of BTS was the one who contributed several ideas.

On November 20 it is getting closer and closer, Jin, Jimin, Suga, RM, Jungkook, J-Hope and V will release the album ‘BE’, an album that marks a new musical era for the Bangtan Boys. Are you ready?

A week ago the first set of individual photos of the boys of BTS for ‘BE’ was revealed, the person in charge of starting this stage was V, who was inspired by a comfortable and relaxing room to curate the images.

Each of the teasers of the singers and rappers of the Big Hit Entertainment company keep different secrets, such as their personal tastes, their identity as artists and even the things that make them happiest.

The performers of ‘Dynamite’ appear in different rooms inviting ARMY to discover their internal world, because a room is more than a place to rest, it is like a temple that expresses who you really are.


But who is the mastermind behind this concept? V was commissioned to bring the idea of ​​showing his colleagues in a home environment, which will reflect the monotonous life that humans currently experience.

On a live show, the young ‘Winter Bear’ performer revealed that his initial purpose was that individual photos for ‘BE’ will express that it can be boring to stay at home for a long time.

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Kim Taehyung’s creativity gave him the position of Visual Director of the album ‘BE’, the idol of Beyond The Scene was responsible for implementing ‘Life goes on, let’s live’, which is the storyline that ARMY could enjoy in the project.

Earlier today, the Korean pop idols released other individual teasers that complement the ones they’ve already shared. Have you already seen BTS’s new photos for ‘BE’?


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