V inspired a popular challenge on TikTok


The idol’s voice is going around the world with a simple phrase.

An iconic idol phrase is conquering TikTok , causing BTS fans and some constant users of this platform to make their own version with the audio that includes the voice of Taehyung introducing himself to the audience.

A large number of short videos have been posted on this platform as part of a challenge that, although it has not yet received a name or hashtag to identify it, has quickly become popular. The inspiration for this challenge was a phrase that V used some time ago , where we heard him say ‘Hi guys. My name is V … I’m good boy ‘.


The sound of Taehyung’s voice is accompanied by the song ‘Thrift Shop’, performed by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The dynamics of the challenge is to show a contrast between two different facets of who we see on screen, when V’s phrase is mentioned, people make a dub of it and present themselves as someone innocent and sometimes with a slightly nerdy image. But when the music becomes stronger, this image changes and shows us someone safe, sometimes rude or who dazzles with his image.

V edits with this same dynamic are the ones that started to make the challenge popular, but now a large number of people and even renowned TikTokers have joined this trend, helping the audio to go viral and motivate others to join. . Have you already created your own version of this video?

We leave you some clips posted for this challenge:

@somya_daundkarHi Guys! I’m a good girl😈 ##teampikachu ##foryou ##foryoupage @tiktok_india♬ nhạc nền – ✨ort.oni.wab_hyeri🤘

@rohangoplani007SCHOOL LIFE OF EVERY BOY. 🔫 ##HandWashChallenge ##trending ##foryou ##gopugang ##transition ##badboy @tiktok_india♬ nhạc nền – ✨ort.oni.wab_hyeri🤘

@revolverraniiMy Name is Surbhi and Imma good girl. Right? 🙃☺️ ##shernigang♬ nhạc nền – ✨ort.oni.wab_hyeri🤘

@nonthapat_999☺️🔞 ##แทฮยอง ##บังทัน ##bts ##taehyung

♬ nhạc nền – ✨ort.oni.wab_hyeri🤘


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