V helps a fan fulfill her dream of marrying Suga


Taehyung helped ARMY win Suga’s heart in Weverse, did Min Yoongi accept a marriage proposal? V is one of the BTS boys who interacts the most with his wide community of fans in the world, recently the idol of Big Hit Entertainment responded to several of the posts that ARMY made on the Weverse platform.

The singer of the track ‘Just One Day’ commented on the publication of a follower of the K-pop band, where he expressed his deepest wishes to be Suga’s future wife, the text said:

Hello, I am a Kim Army, my hobby is thinking about Min Yoongi, I seriously believe that I will marry Suga 1000000%

Owww. That ARMY does feel something very strong for the rapper of the company Big Hit, Taehyung decided to help her fulfill her dream of being with her bandmate and with a very comical touch he commented:

Your partner is in Chungcheongnam Do right now. When you have time, go get it.

Hahaha. Kim Taehyung did not keep any information, so we do not doubt that more than one person went looking for Min Yoongi to have a romantic encounter like in Korean dramas.

Chungcheongnam Do is one of the nine provinces of South Korea, it is a place with enormous natural beauty, some of its most famous and visited cities are: Asan, Boryeong and Cheonan. Maybe Suga went to relax and find some inspiration for the composition of various songs.

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Netizens on Weverse commented on the idol’s response, as V acted like a cupid when trying to unite the paths of ARMY with Suga, other people posted memes and even the possible reactions of his bandmate when they learned that Taehyung revealed his address .

When a fan asked V to marry, things were a bit different, because the BTS idol did not give his address, or his location for ARMY to look for him or have an idol-fan encounter, on the contrary, his response was epic and no one was expected to say that. WOW.


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