V goes viral in Japan after singing Stay Gold


Despite being very famous, V continues to conquer the hearts of people outside the fandom. After the introduction of “Stay Gold” on Japanese TV, V became the most popular and viral guy with glasses in Internet searches.

BTS started with the promotions of “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, the boys They sang their new single for the first time, whose message is to stay brilliant despite the bad things that happen, after their great presentation, Taehyung managed to conquer the non-K-pop audience.

V is known for his famous “Midas Effect,” a gift that allows items or accessories he uses to run out after ARMY discovers the brand and product. Now, it looks like he broke fashion trends thanks to the glasses he wore during the Stay Gold performance .

The idol is known for having a great reputation in the Japanese country, as it is one of the Korean celebs with the highest popularity rank , in addition, it has a great reputation for brands, they even nicknamed it “TaeTaeLand”.

After the presentation of BTS on CDTV , he was the only one to occupy search trends in Google Trends, on the Yahoo portal and on other platforms, in addition, he ranks 65th among the general search terms in Japan Twipple, a ranking whose Charts measure the popularity of celebs.


Translated into English as “The guy with glasses” , the Japanese locals started looking for who it was, as it caught their attention because of his voice and appearance.

Taehyung proved that not only does he have a presence in the K-pop world, his aura is so magnetic that he managed to conquer potential new ARMYs and attracted the attention of the Japanese. Taehyung supremacy? Yes.

It is not the first time that it happens, V has managed to attract the attention of the public outside K-pop , whether for his physique, his colorful hair, outfit, among other things, without a doubt, not only does he have a gift like Midas, he also It seems to be a magnet of attraction.


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