V gives a new meaning at sunset


V gives a new meaning at sunset. Now heaven will be a beautiful reminder of the bond fans share with BTS.

With so much time at home, this quarantine has given us the opportunity to pay attention to things that we usually do not stop to observe, that was what happened to an ARMY that while looking at the sky during the sunset noticed that its tonality began to get a purple color.

To her surprise, she did not hesitate for a moment to take a photograph of the beautiful setting and shared it through her Weverse account , in the post she asked why the sky was purple, while adding a ‘BTS & ARMY Power’ .


Taehyung stumbled upon this post and, although he said he couldn’t see that same sunset from where he was , he had an answer to the girl’s questioning. According to V, the reason heaven looked that way was because BTS and ARMY feel the same way and managed to understand each other.

After expressing that the purple hue at sunset was a symbol of their bond , Taehyung commented again saying that his previous response had been very corny, but still, surely from now on whenever ARMY looks at the sky and watch a sunset like this you will be able to think V and BTS love for their fans.

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