V gets important and popular recognition in Russia !


V gets important and popular recognition in Russia ! The enormous fame of the group BTS has given an important appointment to idol V.

BTS’s V recently won the award for the most popular Kpop artist in Russia. Through the online social networking site Vkontakte (VK) conducted a community survey. BTS’s V came out as the winner of the fall poll.

Idol Taehyung was not only the winner in the solo artist category, BTS as a group also won first place in the group popularity category. EXO is in second place, while BLACKPINK is in third place.

With over 500 million users on the site, the K-Pop community page on VK is one of the top communities in use. Given that BTS has not officially promoted in Russia, this is an impressive feat.

BTS leads in Russia not yet promoted

Last July, BTS also topped the charts in Russia with various music sites, including Spotify and Chartmasters.

Russia is considered a giant in the consumer music streaming market, as it is the 17th most played country in the world.

This is not the first time V has won hearts and charts. Previously, the idol was voted the artist with the most attractive face in the world; recognition he gained thanks to the tireless support of his ARMY fans.

In the meantime, as we have informed you in Somagnews, BTS will release a new album, BE, soon in November 2020. The group has already presented a first glimpse of what a new release could possibly be about. This, thanks to the conceptual photos they published on their social networks a few days ago.

In the case of TaeTae, the South Korean artist has been communicating with fans through social media. However, you just have to wait a few days to find out what new the k-pop band will bring. Do you think V deserves this recognition? Do you think the group could be more successful after their new album?


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