V From BTS Surprises Fans With Her Natural Face During a Live Broadcast


V from BTS is known all over the world as a talented BTS member, as well as a person of exceptional beauty.

Whether on stage or without makeup, V always wins hearts, and although fans know about his appearance, they can’t help but be surprised when they see an idol without makeup.

On January 24, V surprised fans by starting a live broadcast via Weverse. From her first appearance, fans couldn’t forget her natural appearance.

During his show, he talked about everything from video games with Jungkook to what he does, and even touched ARMY by talking about Jin and his mandatory service.

Apart from the joy of having Vee live streaming, ARMY couldn’t forget Vee’s natural face during the video. V explained that he was just relaxing, and it was clear that the idol was not wearing makeup, but he still looked so handsome.

On social media, fans continued to talk about V’s appearance, praising the idol for her natural beauty.


Once again, V proved that he is worthy of his reputation as a man with a perfect face!


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