V From BTS Shows Off Her Riding Skills Behind The Scenes of “Me, Myself, and V” “Veautiful Days”.


All BTS members release their personal photo portfolios, and recently it was Vi, named “Me, Me and Vi “Beautiful Days”, who attracted attention with his “Prince Charming” concept.

We were treated backstage at this photo shoot, to our great delight. In one of his series of photographs, he is riding like a real prince.

However, V hasn’t ridden for a while, and his first steps together with his photo shoot companion were a bit hesitant.

He was trying to remember what he had learned a few years ago.

“I learned to ride four years ago. I remember enough. Was it called an upward trot? I learned before the gallop. I studied for about four months. »

You could see that V felt quite comfortable. We can even see how he calms his steed.

And finally, he was on horseback, riding very fast and with ease, demonstrating his riding skills in addition to a good appearance.

But make no mistake, horse riding is a tiring sport! At the end of the session, Vi can be seen, out of breath, saying, “I’m tired.”

And he knows what awaits him the next day…

“Was it in New Zealand? I went there, and this is the first time since then. My thighs will hurt so much. »

At least he knows what awaits him! But we are more than happy to receive these wonderful photos.


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