V From BTS Shocked Netizens By Revealing His Weight


V from BTS really blew up the internet with his photos in Paris. While his photo (probably) shirtless drove fans crazy, his other story attracted the attention of fans and Internet users.

In this story, V seems to be proud of showing off his weight, which is exactly 63.4 kg. Considering that the idol’s height is 1 meter 78.8 inches, this shows how lanky he is. Judging by some assumptions, he is on a diet.


However, many netizens and fans have reacted by expressing their concern as this weight may seem too light compared to its size.

Here are some of the most popular comments from netizens:

“178.8 cm and a weight of 63 kg seem too thin. He should stop trying to lose weight.
“It looks like many idols are about his weight and height. ”
“I’m just excited to see what he shot in Paris. ”
“Even Vi is on a diet, and what am I doing… Starting tomorrow, I’m starting a diet. ”
But… he has nothing to lose?”
“I think he just wanted to be very handsome for a project in Paris. I can’t wait to see.
“I think V looks even better when he’s slimmer.
“And there I weigh the same weight and have a height of 159 cm, lol”
“Not a bad weight for such a height, but a little thin for a man. I don’t understand why he’s trying to lose more.”


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