V fell in love with the cameraman dressed in black


A behind-the-scenes footage showed the moment when a cameraman “fell in love” with V while K-Pop group BTS was being interviewed.

More than one agrees that Kim Tae Hyung, better known as V in BTS, is one of the most beautiful faces of the famous K-pop group, in fact capable of leaving anyone surrendered to his feet, well, incredibly this I pass a cameraman during an interview for KBS television.

And it is that the simple fact that BTS arrived at the locations of the South Korean television station KBS is undoubtedly a great achievement for the group, however, even there it was not possible to avoid containing the charm that the artists cause, since some images managed to capture how V made one of the cameramen sigh.

BTS talks about their successes

In the interview, which was in itself one more achievement for BTS, they talked about the successes that the group has achieved, such as being in the first level by successfully debuting at the top of the Billboard Hot100 with the latest song Dynamite .

RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook appeared in casual formal looks that made them look even more handsome, but one special member seemed to have caught the attention of the KBS cameraman.

According to the AllKpop report, when the behind-the-scenes process aired, the cameraman sighed with a soft sigh as he focused the camera on V’s face.

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Fans of BTS or ARMY, based on the comments in the uploads, understand and can feel the amazement of the cameraman at seeing the visual V in person, so they quickly reacted.

“Yes, I’ll do the same,” @starlight wrote.

“V super handsome my gosh” wrote @ tracy13150575.

In the interview with KBS, V, who wore an all-black outfit, looked incredibly handsome and his now blonde hair is increasingly fulfilling the beauty of the appearance of the idol who was born with the name Kim Tae Hyung.

During the interview session, V said that he never expected BTS to gain global popularity like it is now.

“Now it feels more real than before. Our close relatives now admit to being ARMY, it encourages us (to be better) every time we find out,” concluded V.


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