V explains how he feels about Jungkook with a heartwarming letter

The boys of BTS exchanged reflections and ARMY showed their emotion at the words of the idols.

The images of the Winter Package revealed an emotional moment where Taehyung expresses his support and affection for V, we tell you the details of this gesture of friendship.

Each new BTS content is exciting for ARMY , but although we often see them having fun together or working as a team, there is no doubt that the sentimental clips manage to steal the hearts of the fans and that is what happened between V and the maknae. of the group.

During the filming of the Winter Package, the idols listened to the audios that each one prepared, Taehyung took advantage of this moment to thank him for bringing his amazing talent to the group, since it has had a great impact on how far BTS has come .

No matter what they say, I think you are the best among the most talented people I have seen so far.


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The idol recognized Jungkook’s hard work over the years and hopes to hear more songs that reflect his talent, so he will show his support for his side as a member of BTS and also in his individual activities in and outside of music.

We recently told you that BTS received offensive comments on a radio show and Halsey showed her support for the idols by expressing her discomfort over what happened.

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