V Excluded from the cast of “Break the Silence”


Kim Taehyung became a trend after being excluded from the credits of the new BTS movie ‘Break The Silence: The Movie Persona’. ARMY defended V on social media.

The members of BTS are promoting different activities that will bring them closer to their fans, such as the release of the song ‘Dynamite’ and the upcoming premiere of the movie ‘Break The Silence: The Movie Persona’. Today the first trailer of the next BTS movie was published, the boys will show unseen aspects of their concerts and their successful tours, the launch will be in the month of September.

Followers of the K-pop band realized that something was wrong with the credits of BTS’s film production, as all the members are named as actors, but Kim Taehyung’s name is not listed. Of course the ARMY did not take long to defend (in networks) the charismatic V.

In the film credits the cast and production group of the film “Break The Silence: The Movie Persona” appear, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, RM and J-Hope are named as actors, but not TaeTae. Through different social networks, ARMY is writing messages with the phrase ‘BTS IS 7’, the fans of the K-pop band ask him to add the name of V to the credits of the film and that these incidents do not return to occur in the future.

Kim Taehyung became a trend on Twitter

Netizens also recalled other times when Kim Taehyung did not appear on official merchandise with the rest of the BTS boys or when his signature was not included in some promotional items. Without a doubt the ARMY protects each one of the boys when the situation calls for it.

This is how the keywords: “WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG”, “BTS IS 7” and “KIM TAEHYUNG” took the top global trends on Twitter after @AMCTheatres failed to include V’s stage name on the cast and crew page. team of the upcoming film ‘Break The Silence: The Movie Persona’.

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