V Effort from League of Legends to dye your hair blue!


BTS: V surprised the ARMY by revealing that League of Legends player Effort is his fan and he even decided to dye his hair blonde for the idol

BTS has fans all over the world, and some are even other celebrities. League of Legends T1 member Effort is a huge fan of the boyband, especially V.

During episode 114, Run BTS, the 19-year-old sports player revealed to Taehyung that he dyed his hair blue like he did in the music video, Boy With Luv.

This week’s episode of Run BTS saw the septet join some very special guests: the League of Legends T1 team: Faker, Teddy, Effort, Cuzz, and Canna. For non-converts, Effort, in particular, is a huge fan of BTS and considers himself part of the ARMY.

His OT7’s personal favorite of his is none other than V, aka Kim Taehyung.

Effort is a super fan of V

While playing I Am Ground during Run BTS, Effort, whose real name is Lee Sang-ho, became nervous after V called out his name. Now, during the new episode of the BTS show, which was released recently, we see Effort having the cutest interaction with Taehyung.

The moment started when J-Hope pointed to Effort’s dyed blue hair and Jungkook exclaimed, “It’s a more striking version of Namjoon’s hair.” However, RM guessed correctly when he added, “That’s Taehyung’s hair during Boy With Luv,” and the player agreed with him.

Turning shy with all the attention, when J-Hope asked Effort if V was the real inspiration behind his dyed hair, the 19-year-old esports gamer revealed, “Because I thought his hair color it looked so pretty then. ” All the members applauded enthusiastically, especially V, who seemed the happiest. “This is great. I am proud,” said V.

On Somagnews, we loved how Effort came to tell V himself that he was the inspiration behind her blue hair! T1 will also be part of next week’s Run BTS and this time, we will see the return of the fun online game, Gang Beasts from episode 108.

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