V created a song, what do the lyrics mean?


The first look at V’s mixtape let us know a little about one of the songs that this idol prepared, we will tell you the meaning of this melody.

BTS has provided some very pleasant surprises for their fans throughout this year, but one thing for sure is that there are still many emotions to experience alongside these guys. One of the projects that ARMY has been looking forward to in 2020 is V’s first mixtape, but the time to hear it could be very close, here’s why.


The episodes of BTS In The Soop are currently airing, this space allows us to see the idols while they enjoy contact with nature, but episode number 5 of this show also showed us a little of what we will hear on KTH1.

The most recent chapter revealed a scene from V where we saw him get into a canoe and enjoy the tranquility that the space in which they filmed these episodes offers him, it was a unique moment where Taehyung shared with us how special it was for him to be able to enjoy that experience.

But ARMY got a big surprise, since to accompany this moment the editing team added a melody performed by V that we did not know. The name of this song is not known yet, but it will probably be part of their first mixtape.

What does this melody played by V mean? Below you will find a translation of the verses we hear within BTS In The Soop.

Where is my angel
I’m tired and sick of everything
Somebody come and save me
Because I can’t take it anymore

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Wherever I go and wherever I see
Can you see me in the same blue and gray?
Every time I cry, every time I smile
Can you see me in the same blue and gray?

I just want to be happier
Baby don’t let me go
I feel tired
I would like to be stronger

Listen to this melody below:


We recently told you about the radio show where BTS was as a guest, in this program the group members talked about their plans in music and Taehyung mentioned the release of his mixtape.


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