V covers Daechwita during In The SOOP premiere


Taehyung surprises with a cover of Suga’s “Daechwita” during the premiere of “In the SOOP”. The new BTS series premiered its first episode this Wednesday; The boys embarked on a new adventure-filled journey to test their survival in the middle of the forest, and V made it clear that there is unconditional support among them with their solo careers.

On social media, ARMY has shared messages about the release of “In the SOOP”, especially clips of Taehyung, who demonstrated his skills for rap and improvisation, as during the car ride, he covered “Daechwita”, the latest single from “Agust D”, to Suga’s alter ego.


The Bangtan Boys traveled by road to get to the cabin where their new series will take place, they were in 3 different cars, V with J-Hope and Jimin at the wheel, but a good trip is not complete without good music and the 3 K-pop idols listened to Yoongi’s mixtape and did a mini concert on board.

V became more enthusiastic, with dark glasses and with the rhythm of “Daechwita” at full volume, he began to rap and move his hands like a hip-hop artist, finding the right rhymes, as he changed the chorus of the lyrics to: “ Daechwita, Daechwita, take a taxi instead of the bus. ” LOL


The BTS idol continued with his cover and ended with the phrase “Daechwita, Daechwita, let’s go home by taxi.” Taehyung made a rhyme with the Korean word that rhymed with the name of the song, no doubt you need to be quick to improvise and imitate the style of “Agust D”.

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J-Hope was also excited, shaking his head up and down as if it were a rock concert, the same reaction that ARMY would have at a BTS concert. Jimin, for his part, could only smile, as he could not lose concentration as he was the assigned driver. The premiere of “In the SOOP” was full of fun from the first minutes.

The series will air every Wednesday, through Weverse and the JBC network. BTS continues with the projects and new releases before their expected comeback at the end of the year, the online concert, the premiere of their new movie and the possible mixtape of Taehyung are still missing. Are you ready for surprises?


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