V confesses why Your Eyes Tell is his favorite song


Tae is proud of the work of the group’s maknae. V confessed that “Your eyes tell” is his favorite song because Jungkook wrote it.

BTS continues with the promotions of “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, in addition to conducting interviews, the boys recorded the program “Show Case”, where they presented acoustic versions of their new singles and TaeTae gave all their support to Kookie, We will tell you the details.

During the show, the boys answered a series of questions about their next comeback and their new Japanese album. Even though “Stay Gold” is the title track of this release,V has his favorite of the entire album: “Your eyes Tell.”

The idol apologized to the fans, because despite the lyrics having a special message about staying strong despite the difficulties, this second singlewas written and produced by Jungkook,for which he gave his full support to the group’s maknae. .

“Your eyes Tell” is a song full of feeling, it will even be part of the OST of the film of the same name , since it manages to reflect the emotions of the story. V seems to be very proud of his partner’s work, so I don’t hesitate to choose his. BTS also presented a new performance of the song.

After Taehyung’s confession , Jungkook was happy to receive his support and praise for his song, the first time that he works on a song for the group. ARMY expressed on social networks their enthusiasm for the mutual support they have between them.

Jimin recently became the new leader of BTS, RM switched his role with the idol, who promised he would take the group to the top of success and wished they would trust him.

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