V confesses who is the person who takes photos of him from his bed


V’s photos with Yeontan piqued ARMY’s curiosity. Taehyung shared a series of photos and was shocked to reveal who captured that moment.

Some BTS members visited Weverse recently, so they were able to chat with their followers and share some updates. V was no exception and published a series of recent photographs.


In the images we see Taehyung lying on his bed and in the company of his beloved pet, Yeontan . The cute images showed V and his puppy in different poses and from different angles , portraying a tender moment between them.

However, ARMY’s curiosity is great and, before such images, a follower of BTS asked who had taken those photographs or if, possibly, he had resorted to using the timer on his phone’s camera to manage to capture the images.

But the question is, who made the photo for you? Do you put it on top and set a timer, then you look at Yeontan with love and click?

Taehyung found this post and without hesitation replied that it was his mother who had taken the photographs, referencing the song ‘MAMA’ and solving the mystery of how V achieves these images alongside Yeontan .

During his visit to Weverse, V also came across the image of a famous actor wearing a clothing style similar to his own and shared his reaction with fans .

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