V chooses a fan’s pet name


V chooses a fan’s pet name. This happened when the idol saw a photo of a cub while on Weverse.

V’s affection for animals has been present on different occasions, but undoubtedly no sign of affection has been such as he gives to Yeontan , the little pomeranian dog that Taehyung has kept by his side for some years.


Frequently the idol shares updates with us next to his adorable pet , but just as V has filled Yeontan with affection, also some of his followers have shown that they share his same interest in animals , this was what led us to a beautiful idol interaction with an ARMY who had just adopted a small cub.

She shared through Weverse that she had adopted a new baby, so she posted a tender photo of her new pet and announced the entrance to her family, in addition, asked them to help her choose a name for this friend and one of the responses he received was from Taehyung himself .


The comment surely surprised the girl, but V also took the time to think of the ideal name for the puppy . The name Tae chose was Ggoma, a pun between the words ‘black’ and ‘mouth’ and his fan immediately took up that idea, officially introducing the cub under this appointment.

After making it known, V asked him to please show Ggoma photos frequently so that he could see its growth. The idol’s tender gesture shook the hearts of his followers, who on different occasions have commented on the way that V is extremely happy being next to his pet.