V changes his name for a special reason


A new nickname for V has gained popularity among BTS fans, find out what it is. After the debut of an idol, fans begin to know a little more about him, his history and his personality, so this artist may receive new nicknames as a result of the love he is receiving. The followers of BTS took up a nickname from V to refer to him, but there is a reason that led them to do so.

The traits and qualities of a member of the K-Pop industry cause fans to begin to associate them with different things, highlighting their personality and some of their characteristic actions.

For example, many idols are associated with a particular emoji, a cartoon character, and also acquire nicknames that are adorable or highlight their special place in the group and in the hearts of fans.

In the case of V, Japanese fans and media have begun to call him in a special way, however, this nickname does not exactly portray a quality of the singer.


Because language and words can vary drastically from country to country, entering a different culture can be difficult. Probably every K-Pop fan born outside of Korea found it a bit strange at first trying to memorize the names of some members of BTS, but in Japan they found the solution.

For people from that country it was not so easy to mention Taehyung’s stage name, so, instead of referring to him as V, they took up a nickname that this idol has had since his time as a student, that is TaeTae.

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But this does not happen only among fan communities, the media also affectionately call him this way and his registration on web pages also usually includes this nickname along with his stage name.

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