V BTS – ‘Our Summer (Christmas Tree): lyrics and spanish translation


V surprised ARMY again with a new song for the drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’. This is called ‘Our Summer (Christmas Tree)’ and there is already a preview of it. That is why at Sónica.mx we bring you the lyrics and translation of it so that you can learn it.

These snippets are part of what was aired in the drama. So far the full version has not been released.

V BTS – ‘Our Summer (Christmas Tree)

It’s, I see you

You always come to and live

When the rain stops, you shine on me

Your light is the only thing that keeps the cold out

Moon in the summer night

Whispering of the stars

They’re singing like Christmas trees for us

So, I tell you a million tiny things that you have never known

And I tell you a million little reasons, falling for your eyes


I just want to be with you, oh

It’s such a strange thing to do

Sometimes I don’t understand you

But it always brings me back to where you are