V BTS Earnings Follow Jennie BLACKPINK on Instagram


V BTS recently shocked fans after being caught following Jennie BLACKPINK’s Instagram account. As fans know, all BTS members have recently launched their official Instagram accounts.

Not even 24 hours since its launch, now each BTS member has got a total of tens of millions of followers.

However, fans were confused when they realized that the total following for V’s Instagram account was 8. As all BTS members have 7 followings, consisting of other member accounts and BTS’s official accounts.

How shocked the fans were, because the 8th account that V followed was an account belonging to one of BLACKPINK’s members, Jennie. Shortly after, V immediately unfollowed Jennie’s Instagram account.

Via Weverse, V asked fans, β€œIs there a way to get rid of the recommendation list on Instagram? This is really a scary app,” indicating that he accidentally followed Jennie’s Instagram account.