V becomes Trend after Dynamite teaser on YouTube


BTS is a few days away from releasing Dynamite and this Tuesday they revealed the first official trailer on YouTube, where Kim Taehyung, better known as V, took the sighs.

BTS just released the highly anticipated new ‘Dynamite’ music video teaser and rightly so, as it led the world into chaos. Turns out the real Dynamite was Kim Taehyung, better known as V, as his explosive presence in the teaser took over global trends after the release.

V ranked Twitter trends around the world, including the US, UK, and Middle Eastern countries, as well as No. 1 on Twipple Japan. It is worth mentioning that Taehyung has recently become the king of social networks, mainly on Twitter, where he does not stop breaking records.

The teaser video for BTS’s latest song titled Dynamite has finally been officially released. But the surprise between the photographic teaser and the official teaser video is slightly different from that shown by BTS in previous days, as it has revealed new aspects of the band’s next music video.


The members’ hair styles and colors have not changed, but their clothes are different from the teaser photo posted a few days ago. In fact, in the video 2 different outfits are used, the first is a casual outfit and the second is a European outfit from the past.

V took away the sighs of ARMY

One of the highlights of the ARMY has to do with the world’s most handsome man, Kim Taehyung. V shows his charm in the official teaser this time dressing up as a foreigner, it even seems that TaeTae is not Korean. The video also allowed us to observe a bit of the choreography that BTS prepared for Dynamite.

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In it we see Kim Taehyung and the other Bangtan members in a group formation and wearing retro and very colorful clothes. With a sign behind them that reads the word DISCO, the seven members of the Big Hit Entertainment group perform their best dance moves one by one and show how well they adapt to this style. Dynamite premieres on August 21 and BTS will perform a presentation of this melody through the transmission of the MTV VMAs 2020.


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