V becomes the muse of a famous illustrator


Kim Taehyung is known for his love of art, and many artists have been inspired by the personality of the Bangtan Boys singer to create fabulous works and illustrations that reflect their love and admiration for the K-pop idol.

The boys of BTS are famous around the world for sharing their art, their concepts are interesting, and their music reflects the concerns, questions, fears, and dreams of an entire generation.

Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Suga and RM keep creating music for all their fans and their sources of inspiration are books, astronomy, legends, novels and theories of different thinkers.

Artists and creatives are always looking for new ways to be inspired and to translate their unique visions into their work. The members of Beyond The Scene have been the muses of different painters and cartoonists.

Illustrator Woo Soo Yeon made a post on his social networks talking about his latest work, she revealed that his inspiration was the beauty of BTS’s V, the figure of the idol was shaped by the hands of the experienced artist.


Woo Soo Yeon is famous for writing and illustrating the manhwa ‘Full House’, a series that was very successful and was later adapted for television in a K-drama of the same name, which has had different versions.

The artist shared his new drawings and ARMY was surprised to see that Woo Soo Yeon’s muse was Kim Taehyung. The South Korean illustrator revealed why she decided to capture V’s visual in different drawings.

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Woo Soo Yeon explained that when she met BTS, she was shocked by the personalities and factions of the 7 idols, but the first one who attracted her attention was Kim Taehyung, the ‘Winter Bear’ singer has an undeniable beauty.

The writer said:

V was the first to captivate my eyes, I am very happy when I draw the BTS boys

The series of illustrations consists of two designs, one V appears with a bouquet of flowers in colors such as purple, pink and green, the member of the Bangtan Boys appears seated, with his chin on one of his hands.

The other drawing has a pink background, Kim Taehyung seems with the same position, but his look is different now, his outfit is an ice cream shirt in pink and coffee. What do you think of Soo Yeon’s illustrations?

It is not the first time that a member of the Bangtan Boys is the muse of an important artist, Jimin inspired a famous South Korean illustrator to create an impressive painting, we invite you to see: Jimin receives an incredible birthday gift in advance


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