V becomes a trend after sharing his car ride


V moved internet users by dancing to Alicia Keys’ ‘Love Looks Better’, the singer responded to the BTS member with a special message.

The idols of BTS already have everything prepared for their musical comeback ‘BE’, it is the third comeback that the artists make in 2020, the artists hope to close a difficult year for everyone.

The boy group of the company Big Hit Entertainment, has begun to show their emotion in their social networks, where they reveal special messages for ARMY, hoping that this project receives the same love as the previous ones.

Through Twitter, V shared a clip from one of his car trips, where he looked very happy and excited, he chose the famous song ‘Love Looks Better’ by Alicia Keys to enjoy his ride more.


V enlivened his car trip with the song ‘Love Looks Better’, a song performed by Alicia Keys, one of the most recognized voices in the music industry, the BTS idol danced and waved his hands to the rhythm of the track.

The ‘Winter Bear’ singer wore a warm look, a beige sweater and a white mask, so his face was not well appreciated, but his eyes, which sparkled and made a nice contrast with the dark interior of the car.

Kim Taehyung made a pun on his post description, he wrote:

Love looks better tomorrow, ARMY will listen

The phrase alludes to the musical return of BTS and the title of the song, which speaks of the power of love. Kim Taehyung’s video has already exceeded 5 million views and one million likes. OMG!

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Alicia Keys responded to the clip of the BTS member, the star retweeting the post, adding:

Much love, good morning, are you ready to BE?!?

Internet users reacted with great affection, Alicia Keys’ RT has more than 60 thousand likes, showing everyone’s emotion for BTS’s comeback, in the comment area more than one expressed their wishes for a collaboration between singers and rappers of K-pop with the American singer. Wooow!

Everything is ready for the musical return of BTS, get ready for the launch and know the tracklist of the record material ‘BE’.


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