V Beat Jungkook In A Video Game And This Was His Reaction


The BTS boys had fun with another round of video games and their competitive spirit was present. The members of BTS faced each other in a video game and V was the winner.

During the last episode of RUN BTS, the group members competed in some games where they showed their cunning and skill, the members of the group seemed excited and could not contain the screams, however, Jungkook remained silent and triumphed.


But his crown as the king of video games was briefly snatched away in the most recent episode, find out how it happened.

The game that BTS started this round with was Tales runner. Most of the members were unfamiliar with him, but had to work hard to get his characters to win the race, however despite trying different scenarios, the only consolation the members found was trying not to come last while Jungkook led the competition.


The last game was Gang beasts, where they had to push their opponent out of the safe zone. The members of BTS asked that this round be special and have extra points for the winner, so that any of them could win despite not having been successful in previous competitions.

The game started and the boys had fun watching their characters raise their arms as they prepared to compete, but the fight was just about to begin. Although the first game was a test, the boys were not doing very well so they needed a second and third try before facing each other.

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They changed scenery and this time they were on a subway platform, so they should avoid being thrown onto the tracks. Thus, the characters were disappearing one by one and it seemed that only two of them remained but the character of Suga came out of a secret hiding place, although sadly he was launched onto the tracks immediately.


With V and Jungkook still in competition, the rest of the members kept an eye on their screens, the subway was approaching and the last two characters were close to the track, but with a sudden movement V launched the Jungkook character and placed as the winner.

Jungkook recovered in the next round, so the members chose to create an alliance, where Jin was the winner, but despite this, they recognized that the maknae was the most skilled when it comes to video games.


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